Why Printech
Printech Products Provide Cost Savings and Organizational Profitability
Increasing your organizational profit is one of our primary goals and a core focus of our value proposition. That means providing each dealer or distributor with high-quality, reliable products at significant cost savings versus the equivalent OEM product.  Printech products are typically priced at savings of 50% or more versus the OEM, a difference that can make a major impact on your bottom line.
True Cost Savings Require Competitive Prices and Consistent, Reliable High-Quality Products
While other aftermarket companies can match Printech’s ability to provide less-than-OEM prices, few have the ability to ensure true cost savings like Printech. True cost savings are determined by purchase price in combination with product quality and reliability. Low-cost products that lead to premature failure, performance issues and unplanned service calls may actually cost you more than the high priced OEM products.